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Process Technician

Process Technician

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Opportunity Details:

Responsibilities 职责:

  • Under the guidance of a Shift Team Leader or his/her designee, operates an assigned portion of the process unit, including utility area, tank farm and laboratory either manually of through automatic control, complying with safety, Health, Environmental, and Housekeeping Standards.
  • Troubleshoots equipment and/or process problems in order to identify needed corrections or improvements.
  • Starts up and shuts down chemical process equipment according to established practices and procedures in order to begin or cease production in a safe and environmentally sound manner.
  • Responds to upsets or abnormal process conditions according to established practices and procedures in order to maintain production in a safe and environmentally sound manner.
  • Performs equipment line-ups and operates towers, reactors, compressors, pumps and turbines according to established practices and procedures in order to maintain production of low cost quality product. Consult with experienced technicians or STL when a deviation is necessary.  
  • Maintains and monitors waste handling facilities in order to comply with all regulatory requirements.
  • Performs gauging and transferring operations of raw materials, intermediate and finished products to and from rundown tanks, field storage tanks, and terminal facilities. Perform chemical mixes appropriately.
  • Monitors and logs Unit process conditions and storage vessel levels and temperatures in order to make necessary adjustments and safely maintain production.
  • Works as a team member with maintenance to monitor and repair equipment to ensure reliability of the unit operation and safety of personnel involved. Issue cold work permits when necessary.
  • Recommends co-ordinates and monitors maintenance work as needed in order to ensure operations with unit operational guidelines. Raise Maintenance Requisition when needed.
  • Collect process samples from assigned sampling points in a safe manner and perform lab analysis using good housekeeping practices. Compare current operations with unit operational guidelines.
  • Conduct proper shift relief and documentation in log book and log sheets.
  • Participate as a member of the Initial Response Team during emergencies.
  • Report any abnormal situations to senior process technician or STL.
  • Responsible for training/mentoring technicians with less experience.
  • Maintains continuous learning behavior to become fully qualified to perform all duties and responsibilities with minimal guidance
  • Works as a member of the shift team to achieve measurable performance objectives by understanding and accepting roles and responsibilities within the shift team.

Qualifications 要求:

Required Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:

  • Electronic and Pneumatic instruments, Hand Tools, Lab analyzers and equipment, Portable pumps and hose fittings, Portable radio and Chemical processing equipment (fixed pumps)
  • Personal Computers
  • Personal protective equipment and Fire and safety equipment
  • Communication skills in English sufficient to communicate verbally and in writing with other technicians and team leader as well as to be able to read and comprehend Standard Operating Procedures. Basic math skills to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division