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Analyst Marketing Communications

Analyst Marketing Communications

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Opportunity Details:

Overview 综述:

Engages the business and commercial teams in the development of marketing strategies, content, and campaigns to deliver against growth and customer engagement objectives. Serves as a partner to an assigned application area (e.g., Program) – in coordination with CAM – to conceptualize, execute, and measure marketing initiatives.

Responsibilities 职责:

Establish the Global Program Marketing Strategy

  • Develop Marketing Plans & Campaigns – Lead and coordinate commercial teams, CAMs, and Regional Business Line Managers in understanding business growth objectives and helping to build a comprehensive marketing plan.
    • Build a campaign approach – 6-18 months efforts to drive engagement, generate demand, develop customer insights, and create topical, tailored content
    • Identify opportunities to define and document target / priority accounts, roles / personas within the buying team, critical steps of the buying teams’ journey, and critical trends / topics of interest
    • Determine venues / opportunities to demonstrate Celanese solutions with customers – including trade shows, conferences / speeches, and Celanese-hosted roundtables
  • Create Communication & Messaging Content – Based on the Marketing Plan, develop and execute plan for creation of promotional content related to opportunities / translations within the industry.
    • Craft messaging that reflects the differentiated solutions from Celanese and the value that Celanese can create as a partner to prospective and current customers; refine by region / channel
    • Consider most appropriate format / channel – Sell Sheets, Case Studies, Thought Leadership “White Papers,” Promotional Content / Advertising – based on understanding of what influences customers
  • Measure, Refine, and Improve – Establish appropriate metrics and KPIs to determine the effectiveness and impact of the campaign efforts and to improve return on investment (i.e., leads generated, projected opened).
    • Coordinate with Marketing Operations Team on what elements can be tracked and how the data align with commercial objectives
    • React to insights gleaned from the analysis; make appropriate changes to iteratively improve the campaign and learn from observations made

Support Execution of Marketing Initiatives Within Program and Within Region

  • Maintain Relevant Core Content & Develop Campaign Promotional Content
    • Manage and maintain the Core Content / Content Warehouse for the Program area (e.g., core capabilities, featured products / solutions, translatable solutions) with CAM and Business Line Managers (e.g., Application Overviews, Case Studies, Sell Sheets, Descriptions)
    • Build Promotional Content to support marketing plan and campaign efforts
  • Manage & Execute Customer Engagement for Program and Regional Needs
    • Coordinate with commercial teams and CAMs to ensure seamless and successful execution of customer engagement events based on the Program marketing plan; maintain global calendar
    • Support or manage non-Program customer engagement events within the region to broaden exposure to Celanese business lines and to develop additional engagement experience
    • Identify opportunities to optimize and improve customer engagements and provide recommendations to Global Marketing Communications team to maximize return on investment
  • Deliver Within Budget Expectations
    • Ensure that the Program efforts are executed within the budget; track and monitor spend

Propose changes to budget through a persuasive business case (i.e., why are